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Wednesday, March 3, 2004

I feel my English hasn't improved.... 

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Q: Dear Ai, I have been in Vancouver for 3 months and I feel my English has not improved. I go to the library every day, even weekends. I am planning to go back to Japan before the summer. What should I do to improve English quickly? -Miyuki, Vancouver

A: Hi, Miyuki, I assume you spend most of your time studying grammar, reading and writing at the library. Generally, Asian students know English grammar and can read English, but the problem is there is no connection between the brain and tongue. If you make the effort to speak English, you can connect what is already in your brain to the part of the brain you use for speaking a second language. A good way to make friends and practice your English is to attend local activities or do volunteer work. This will help your brain decide which sentence to use in a situation. Use this opportunity of living in an English-speaking country to speak as often as you can; you can save the studying for the library in Japan!


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