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Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Should I cut out all Japanese friends??? 

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"Dear Ai, I try to speak English as often as possible, however, when I hang out with my friends - mostly Japanese friends- I speak Japanese and I feel guilty about it. Do you think I should cut out all Japanese friends and start spending time with non-Japanese people?" Satoshi, Vancouver

"Good question, Satoshi. It is hard to speak English all the time, but you and I know speaking English all the time is the best and fastest way to improve your English skills. When you were in Japan, you likely anticipated having many Canadian friends and speaking fluent English. You probably did not expect to meet so many Japanese people in Vancouver. Do not cut out your Japanese friends, but try to maximize the benefit of being in an English speaking country by meeting as many non-Japanese speaking people as possible. You are here to learn the language, but also to know the culture and make friends!"


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