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Wednesday, April 7, 2004

What kind of Accommodations do you recommend? 

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"Dear Ai, I'm planning to go to Vancouver this summer for one month. Because it
s a short time, I want to enjoy Canada as much as I can. What kind of accommodations do you recommend?" -Cathy from Taiwan

"Hi, Cathy. There are many types of accommodations, but most students choose homestay. I had four different homestay families in Vancouver: one with two young children, another with older children, one was a vegetarian couple with a dog, and the family I stayed with for almost two years was from Portugal.

Homestay is an excellent way to see how Canadians live. There is a homestay placement fee, but you'll be treated like one of the family and efforts are made to place you with a homestay that maches your needs. For example, would you like to live with a family who has younger, older or no children at all? Do you mind living with a dog or cat, or sharing the house with other students? Also, it's important to tell your homestay family if you have allergies. After you are assigned a homestay, contact the family. Often homestay families have an email address and are happy to talk to you."


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