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Thursday, October 13, 2005

I would like to thank my parents... 

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“Dear Ai, I am currently living in Vancouver with my Japanese roommate. We are very good friends and even cook meals for each other everyday! I enjoyed studying English here, so I would like to stay here, but I have to go back to Taiwan before the Christmas. I am thinking of buying souvenirs for my parents, but they said they don’t need to have any gifts from me. I would like to thank my parents of paying my education. Is there any gifts suggestions for me?” –Elizabeth from Taiwan

“Hi Elizabeth! I am very touched by your thoughtfulness towards your parents! I am sure that your parents are happy to know you had a great time in Canada. Also they are happy to have you back. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show your respect. If you are hesitating using their money to buy gifts for them, why don’t you learn new skills? From the e-mail I received from you, it looks like you like cooking. Why don’t you learn new recipes and show them your appreciation by cooking a traditional Christmas meal? Local community centers provide excellent, short-term cooking classes. They offer one-day courses to several-nights classes. Most of these classes don’t segregate (to separate one group of people from others) ESL students from local Canadian students, so you will have Canadian friends! Your parents will be proud of you!! Vancouver community center list, please visit site below:


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