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Friday, January 13, 2006

I am uncomfortable to give homestay money.. 

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Dear Ai,
I live with my homestay family for almost 3 months. Before I come to Canada, my school arranged this family for me. I like them very much and I would like to stay more. Yesterday, my homestay family asked me if I would like to extend my stay. They said I should pay to them directly. I couldn’t answer right away because I feel uncomfortable to give them money without my school. What should I do?” Eric – Taiwan

“Hi Eric,
I am glad to hear that your homestay family is nice. This will help you to improve your English skills quickly through living with them. From your comments, I can see that you feel uncomfortable dealing with money issues with the family. I suggest that you do not give money directly to them. Usually, homestay families are selected by schools or student agencies. They are not taking advantage of students; however, it is better to have a third party (in this case your school) who witnesses that your money has been handed to the family. Go to school and talk with the Homestay Coordinator or the Administration staff. If your homestay family is nice, they would understand your situation.”


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