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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Are there any ideas to get relaxed... 

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“Dear Ai,
I have been in Canada for 5 months. I’m studying for TOEFL very hard to get into a Canadian university for September. I only have 3 months left to prepare for it and I am far away from the score I need for admission. I’m exhausted and very frustrated. At this stage, I even feel I do not want to study anymore. Are there any ideas to get relaxed?” Kaori – Japan”

“Thank for your question, Kaori! Sometimes, I get frustrated when I cannot find a good answer for my “Dear Ai” readers. For writers, the struggling stage called “writers’ block” which means writers feel stuck and cannot write anything due to the pressure to write a masterpiece. When people are over-stressed or over-pressured, the results are not up to your expectations.

In order to break the period, people need to completely forget the task and do something completely different or start new things. In your case, since you have your goal (that is you would like to be admitted to the university) you should try a couple of things, but still stay focused (keep studying for TOEFL).

Tips you can try.

1.Go out and have a walk and explore your neighborhood. Using only your brain makes you very tired. You should have a balanced life. Smell the fresh air and enjoy your surroundings.

2.Have a treat. I love chocolate!! Set a small goal and once you reach that goal, treat yourself. When my website was published in the Province, I celebrated it with “tiramisu” at my favourite Italian restaurant, Café Presto Panini in town.

3.Get a massage. I make a 90-minute appointment at “Mountain Therapeutic” once or twice a month! You get lots of energy to tackle difficult TOEFL questions!


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