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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Do you know where my homestay student can buy a travel book written in Japanese... 

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“Dear Ai, my Japanese homestay student is looking for a travel book about Canada in Japanese. I checked a couple of Chapters or smaller bookstores in downtown Vancouver, but I couldn’t find any. Do you know where she can buy one?” – Diane

Hi Diane, as you said, it is very hard to find books written in a foreign language in a regular bookstore. You need to go to a special bookstore. I quite often visit Japanese bookstores in town. Here are my favourite bookstores that might sell travel books about Canada written in Japanese.

Book Off(a large Japanese second-hand book store chain in Japan) They sell both English and Japanese books.

Konbiniya (second-hand books)They sell only Japanese books.

Sofia Books (new books) They sell Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, English books.Address: 450 West Hastings St.Vancouver, Phone: (604)684-4032/ FAX:(604)684-1683Monday to Friday 9:00~19:00, Saturday 10:00~ 19:00, Sunday 12:00~18:00

Iwase Book Store (Yaohan Centre 2F) They sell only Japanese books.Address: 3700 No. 3 Rd, Richmond, Phone: 604-231-0717

Good luck!!


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