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Monday, June 19, 2006

Is there any newspaper that specifically written for ESL students... 

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“Dear Ai,
My teacher told that we should read a newspaper in order to improve our reading skills. I try to read The Vancouver Sun everyday, but it is very difficult to read. I am frustrated and tired of checking all vocabularies in my dictionary. Is there any newspaper that specifically written for ESL students?” Min-hee, Korea

“Hi, Min-hee. I am proud of you that you do your best to improve your reading skills. When I was an ESL student, I also bought a newspaper everyday and tried to finish it within a day. But soon I was frustrated because I could only finish the front page of the paper!! You need to find time and a comfortable chair. Read it only on the weekends and the rest of the time, you can follow news on the TV/Radio, so you are familiar with current affairs. Once you have some knowledge, it is easier for you to follow the newspaper.

I have encountered a very good newspaper. The Westcoast Reader is a monthly ESL newspaper published by Capilano College, focusing on adult literacy learners and new immigrants. Joan, the editor, extracts interesting articles from the Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province. She simplifies stories with easier English sentences and words.

The Vancouver Sunis mostly focused on British Columbian news. If you would like to read the national paper, I recommend you read The Globe and the Mail. For the international newspaper, I love reading The Guardian.

Min-hee, I understand your urge to look up all words you don’t know in the dictionary. Sometimes, students forget that the main reason to know the words is to understand the story. Look up a few words in your dictionary and for the rest, try to guess what the story is about and enjoy reading the newspaper!


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