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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Do you know any cheaper movie theaters in Vancouver?? 

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"Dear Ai,
I went to see a movie the other day with my friends. It cost $10.95 for a single movie. I would like to have some fun, but movies in Vancouver are pretty expensive. Do you know any cheaper movie theaters??" Kathy – Taiwan

Hi Kathy, thank you for your e-mail. It’s funny I felt the same way recently. Tuesday used to be a movie day, so you could watch a cheaper movie at major movie theaters. However, this is not always the case anymore.

You should check movie prices at each theater individually. There are lots of independent movie theaters who show excellent movies (not necessary new films). You can still get a good deal at these theaters and discover the uniqueness of movie theaters in Vancouver!!

Cinemark Tinsletown – Tuesdays $7, 1st Matinee(Mon-Fri) $6
Add: 88 West Pender, Vancouver, Tel: 604-806-0799

Fifth Avenue – Student $8
Add: 2110 Burrard St, Vancouver, Tel: 604-734-7469

Hollywood Theater
– Monday evenings $5
Add: 3123 West Broadway, Vancouver, Tel: 604-738-3211

Pacific Cinematheque
– Regular Price $6.50
Add: 1131 Howe St, Vancouver, Tel: 604-688-3456

Rio Theater
– Tuesdays $5
Add: 1660 E. Broadway (@Commercial), Vancouver, Tel: 604-878-3456

Vancouver Cinema Denman Place– Tuesdays $4
Add: 1737 Comox, Vancouver, Tel: 604-683-2201

Vancouver Cinema Van – Tuesday $5
Add: 2290 Commercial Dr., Vancouver, Tel: 604-251-1313

I frequently check Cinema Clock website before I make a plan for going to see a movie.


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