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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Do you have any suggestions to overcome this frustration?? 

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"Dear Ai,
I had lived in Canada for two years and last year I came back to my country. I am working right now, but I would like to go back to Canada to get into a university program. It will take at least a year to save up some money and I am frustrated just waiting. Do you have any good suggestions to overcome this frustration?" Michiko – Japan

"Hi Michiko, I'm thrilled to get your e-mail. I know it is hard to keep motivated, but I sensed your enthusiasm toward your future from your e-mail. If you already know which university you want to go to, then try to contact the student advisors of the school. They usually consult individually and will give you some ideas regarding which classes you can transfer from your university/college to theirs. They can also give you an estimate of living costs and schooling fees. Your commitment will be much stronger once you follow your action. Also visualizing (In your case, see yourself studying in a Canadian university!) is important for you to keep the fire burning. Request a school brochure and make sure you post it in places that you can see everyday!

Once you know which classes you need to take, you can actually start taking courses online. Ask the student advisor if the school offers online courses. If not, you can take courses from Thompson Rivers University ( and transfer it later. The student advisors are very helpful and knowledgeable there. One caution though, before you take any courses from a different school, make sure you ask the designated school if they accept the credit."


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