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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Is moving to an English speaking country the only way?? 

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"Dear Ai,
I'm studying English in Hong Kong. I have never left my county. Is moving to an English speaking country the only way to master English language?" Steve from Hong Kong

"Hi, Steve! Thank you for your e-mail. When I was an ESL student, I used to believe that in order to master the English language; I needed to immerse myself in an English-speaking country. I left my country when I was twenty and since then I have seen so many students. They are all from different backgrounds, and different English levels, but their main purpose of coming to Vancouver is to study English.

Recently, a young Chinese person in my class who has never left his country before, but you would never have imagined that. There are many Canadian students and immigrants who have been in Canada for a long time, but he is the first person to answer all of the teacher's questions. Even though English is his second language, he communicates like it's his first language.

The real question to you is how bad you want to master English language. Moving to an English speaking country is certainly a great option for you. It has an abundance of study materials and keeps you motivated and focused on your goals. However, not all ESL students end their study successfully. Some refuse to communicate with local people; others crush their dreams by facing reality that their English isn't as effective as they thought. So before you commit yourself moving, decide what your goals are. Make your best effort to study English in your country while you are there. No matter what you decide to do, your study won’t be wasted."


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