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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Where can I get some information about work permit... 

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"Dear Ai,
I am thinking to go to a college in Canada. I try to save as much as I can, but if my money runs out, I would like to work while I am studying. Where can I get some information about this? Hitoshi – Japan

"Hi Hitoshi, thank you for your e-mail. I've been asked about students who want to work part-time often. When I was a student, the Canadian government limited international students’ work. They could only work on-campus, but now, the rule has changed and you should look into the Canadian government website for the latest information.

As the website suggests, you should earn as much as possible while you are in Japan. It takes time to adjust to a new environment. If you do not have to worry about money, then you can focus on your study. But I also understand, some students want to have some experiences of work. Other students do not have choices to work.

If you are looking for work while you are in school, taking general classes, then the "Working on campus" and "Working off campus" sections will help you. If you take academic courses with an internship required, such as business or tourism courses, then visit "Working under co-op and internship programs."

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