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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Where can I find unique books?? 

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"Dear Ai, I would like to read books that local Canadians find interesting. I check and Chapters quite often, but I would like to find unique books. Do you know where I can find these books?" Stephanie from Taiwan

"Hi Stephanie, thank you for an interesting question! and Chapters have the bestseller categories you can check. If the book is a bestseller, which means many local Canadians find the book interesting. You can also visit my favourite local bookstores, like "Duthie Books" and "Banyen Books & Sound" (spiritual books). Both stores are located on West 4th Avenue in Vancouver. They have excellent book choices and these bookstores have never disappointed me. When you go there make sure you check the "Staff Pick" shelf, where the store clerks pick their favourite or recommended books.

Another way to find good books that I use is just asking people. I ask customers who have books with them. Questions like, "Is the book you are reading interesting," or "what is your book about" evoke a conversation. People are happy to be asked because they invest their time to read the book and want to discuss what they have read. It will widen your range of book selections. One of my professors told me that sometimes in job interviews, the interviewer may ask about what books you've read recently to find out if you are willing to upgrade or learn new skills".


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