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Friday, June 15, 2007

Do you think my English is good enough... 

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“Dear Ai,
I’ve lived in Canada for eight months and I just finished school. I’m thinking of going to England because I know a friend who lives there. But I am not sure if they understand my English there. Also, I’ve used up most of my savings during my stay in Canada, so I need to go back to my country to earn some money. Do you think my English is good enough to communicate with anybody in English? Thank you for your advice in advance.” Tomo – Japan

“Hi Tomo, what a wonderful question! There are many English-speaking countries in the world. You had studied English in Canada for a fairly long time, so you won’t have many difficulties expressing yourself in English. Occasionally, you might run into challenges, because not all English-speaking people speak Canadian English. For Example, "pants" as far as us Brits (British people) are concerned are "underpants", not "trousers" at all. I love reading this website to find out different word meanings between American English and British English. Visit

Now, it is time for you to explore different accents, people and culture!

If you are low on budget, you might not want to go to the UK because the living fee there is pretty expensive; however, they have beautiful accents and a different culture than Canada or USA. Canadian English is partially influence by British English and as you know, both of our countries have Queen Elizabeth as our queen! If you are not really sure about how they speak, listen to a BBC radio program on the net (, watch a film like “Bridget Jones’s Diary” or “Pride and Prejudice” and visit Chris’s website!


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