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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What ESL books do you recommend? 

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“Dear Ai,
I am a new ESL tutor, looking for adult ESL books for my students. Do you have any recommendations? Paul – Vancouver

“Hi Paul, thank you for your e-mail. Because we have many ESL students in town, you can find ESL sections in any bookstore! However, it is difficult to choose the best one. Before I go to a bookstore, I visit Kenneth’s website and esl-lounge to see what books they recommend. Kenneth’s “Top 5 Teaching Adults English Materials” ( is an excellent place to start. Esl-lounge ( divides ESL books to different categories and I am sure you can find books you need for your students.

If you have time, visit unique local bookstores for ESL books.
Sofia Books ( specializes in language. You can find books from Japanese to German. They also have an excellent collection of adult ESL materials. Vancouver Community College Bookstore ( has both new and used ESL textbooks.”


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Dear Ai,

How can I ask you a question? If I ask here in the comments, is that okay?

I have been working as an English teacher at a high school in Japan for nearly a year now, however, I still feel unqualified.

I have been looking at a number of TEFL certifications and programs. Including this one in Vancouver. I would like to study somewhere where I can also continue speaking the Japanese I have learned.

Although I am from the USA, I admire Vancouver because it is a great city that is trying to be truly multicultural.

Also, do you know any immigration snags I would run into as an American studying in Canada?

Thank you so much!
Also check out "Speak English Like an American". I have had good success with this title in an adult ESL classroom.
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